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BPSC Online is an independent website founded in 1999 expressly to provide additional resources for all things related to Bear Paw Scout Camp. BPSC Online strives to be the ultimate source for information and fellowship about our favorite tract of heaven in the woods.


In order to maintain our status as the best source for Bear Paw information, BPSC Online depends heavily on Scouts and Scouters around the Bay-Lakes Council for accurate and current information. Meeting this challenge requires constant contact with the folks who are planning and staffing the activities that bring Bear Paw to life. If you are behind making camp happen, we are here to help you succeed.

Event Planning

The only way to get information on this website, is to collect it from the newsmakers. The BPSC Online staff features a collection of ‘reporters’ dedicated to collecting news and preparing it for publishing. Once we learn about your event, our staff will contact you and conduct and ‘interview’ such that we can best relate your story. Most often, this will include a brief article on the front page and a posting on the camp calendar

We can only post your news when we gain knowledge of it. It is our goal to establish relationships with the newsmakers in the Bear Paw community such that they come to us with news stories. You can help by making contact with us. Anytime you are preparing a release about your Bear Paw activity for any other publication, be sure include us. We would be glad share your Bear Paw news on BPSC Online.

Recurring Programs, Special Needs

It is the goal of BPSC Online to be the ultimate resource for all things Bear Paw. There are always programs that are fundamental to what defines camp. Toward this end, we continue to build more lasting features on the website. We would be glad to discuss with you ideas that you might have that could better improve BPSC Online and work to better promote your events and activities.

A static webpage is only a fraction of the power of the computer we can unleash. The BPSC Online staff includes experienced programers who are always looking for ways to improve the experience of customers and event leaders. If you have an idea or are looking to try something new, send us a note and let us see how we might be able to help.


The BPSC Online staff is a dedicated group of former (and current!!!) Bear Paw staff members who write and produce all of the fine information you find on BPSC Online. We have attempted to specialize our resources to best serve you, but feel free to contact any of us if there is any way we can help.

Joel Lentz – Webmaster

Joel is the primary webmaster, designer, code writer, editor, and overall iron-fisted dictator of BPSC Online. He was there for those key 1998 conversations behind Saffran Lodge and later at Kentucky Fried and has had a hand in every major (and not so major) development since. If Joel can’t find the answer to your problem, nobody can.

Joel learned the responsibilities of Bear Paw first year campers in 1984, while lugging the patrol box to Oneida site. Annual pilgrimages turned to a ‘profession’ in 1990, and over the next seven summers Joel held just about every job imaginable at camp.

A website of this complexity takes most of Joel’s time, but he does make time to fit in construction engineer, amateur hockey official, and paddling instructor from his Madison, Wisconsin home.

To contact Joel:

Aaron Smith – Staff Writer

Aaron joined the BPSC Online staff in 2005 and is our most seasoned staff writer. Recruited to write articles, Aaron’s role has evolved such that you can be assured if something is happening at BPSC Online, Aaron has his finger on the pulse.

Aaron’s relationship with Bear Paw also began as a Tenderfoot.  In 1994 he took his first job at camp and never slowed down.  After years of struggles, Aaron’s leadership created the very successful First-Year Camper program that has been implemented around the council.

Aaron is the team’s Green Bay resident and as a result provides a lot of the personal contacts for our team.  If you can find a time when he is not following his beloved Gamblers from the glass at the Resch Center, Aaron is eager to help.

To contact Aaron:

Terry Bradshaw – Webmaster

Terry has served head geek, computer nerd, master programmer, server wonk for BPSC Online and Discus Rock since the incubation days of the site in 1998. Terry works hard to keep BPSC Online up and running and is our resource for all things technical.

A seasoned BPSC veteran, Terry grew up camping in Sioux site with Green Bay’s Troop 1267 until he took a Waterfront job in 1994. Terry spent three seasons teaching blocks and escapes to aspiring lifesavers, then in 1997 took the helm of ScoutCraft.

Terry currently lives near Marshall, Wisconsin and when not keeping Discus Rock servers humming, he is providing food, shelter, and protection for the servers of the University of Wisconsin.

To contact Terry:


Will Curl
Andy Anderson
Neil Walker
Don Ascher
Derek Fournier

…and the hundreds of Scouts and Scouters in the Bay-Lakes Council


BPSC Online is produced by Discus Rock Productions and Discus Rock is solely responsible for its contents. Information located on this web site should in no way be considered representing official positions of either the Bay-Lakes Council or the Boy Scouts of America.

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